Thursday, 13 December 2012

FMRTE(FM ingame editor)

BraCaSoft have done it again,a new version of FMRTE is available to download.

-  FM 2013 - Latest game patch supported: 13.1.3
-  Fixed players days in the current country feature
-  Fixed and improved the swapping staff feature
-  Fixed a bug in clubs staff list where FMRTE would not show correctly staff members that had
    both player and staff attributes
-  Added missing retire tab for players with player/staff attributes (the player must be retiring, for the
    tab to appear)
-  Added 3 new staff roles (Director of football, Head of youth development and Chairman)
-  Added players training positions (only appears if the player is training a new position..)
-  Added an option to remove 3D custom kits so you can edit the kits colors with FMRTE
-  Added an auto update feature
-  Now its possible to add/remove items into the 'Favorites' menu
-  Tweaked loading mechanism
-  Some minor bug fixes

Download from

May require donation to get license for editor to work

Remember: Use at your own risk. Backup your game first. This is not a stable version.
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