Thursday, 13 December 2012

FMXML(config.xml creator)

To create a running facepack or logopack , you need to have a file called "config.xml" in your folder.To create a config.xml without wasting time , Use FMXML.

 1. Browse or Enter folder directory which contains all your facepack or logo pack.
 2. Choose Making config.xml file in Actions
 3. Select the type of object you want to create to config.xml
 4. Choose the options
 5. Finally click Go! If you want to edit it you can, just click Edit XML.

 Note: this XML creator does not create small icons logo for club logos.To create this you need to copy the xml created for "normal" to your "small" folder.Then open it with notepad and replace all the word logo with icon.

Download from

Credits to Martins a.k.a. Papuass
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