Sunday, 24 March 2013

Football Manager 13 Malaysia League 3D Kits

Here is the 3D Kits Patch for Malaysia League Patch

If you are using the default database of fm 2013 , some kits of team will not work as i have done this using this database HERE .
If you want to make it available in the default database , change the id in config.xml .

Tutorial to edit config.xml HERE

Download 3D Kits HERE

Football Manager Find ID

Every Club or Person has a very special and unique id, Knowing the ID would be very useful if you are editing teams or creating graphics for the game.

Ways to find id,
1. Use FM Editor and Load Database there you could see all the ids in FM

2. Open FM 2013 and load your game, Go to Preferences and Interference and tick "show unique id" and confirm

Guide to Editing Config.xml

In every kit or logo patch , there is a file which function as a command so that your kits and logos can be seen on FM.

Guide to Edit Config.xml
1. Right click on the file and select edit
2. In notepad there is something like this 
the left one is logos and right one is kits
3. This config.xml can be generated using fm graphics configurator or fmxml creator
4. You can also manually edit for ids which is different from the FM default database
5. Change the name of your file ,ie.  for the file on the right one , my file name is "125_home.png"
    but on my default database my id is "200", So change "125_home.png" to "200_home.png"
     To find team id see  HERE
6. Edit the config file, ie
    Change  <record from="125_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/125/kits/home"/>
    To <record from="200_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/200/kits/home"/>
7. Then Save the config
8. You could skip step 5 and just edit the id on the end of the code ie.
    <record from="125_home" to="graphics/pictures/team/200/kits/home"/>

9. The just go into FM and reload skin

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