Friday, 5 July 2013

FM Tools : FM Speeder


- Increase FM loading time by 50 times faster
- works from FM06 to FM13
- works best in Software Rendering instead of GPU Rendering

1. Open FM 13 or FM12
2. Load Game
3. Open FM Speeder.exe or  FM Hotkey Speeder.exe
4.  Choose Normale snelheid for normal speed
                  6 Gram speed voor iedereen for 10 times faster
                  Walter White's Meth for 50 times faster

Warning ! 
- May cause crush dump make sure you autosave your game every month to prevent game from 
   being lose but so far i have not experience any crash dump.
- Drop down menus such as changing from first team to u19 teams may not work during increased 
   speed, change to normal speed when doing this

Original creator's website

Download HERE

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